Prof. Dr. Stephan Becker

Orthopaedic experience and treatment offers:

Our primary target remains the avoidance of operations which can only be achieved in a highly experienced interdiscliplinary team which involves specialists from all conservative and surgical fields.

Next to manual examination an treatment techniques, I am specialised and have long – standing experience in minimal-invasive techniques of the spine and major joints. I was and still am instructor for most of those techniques and educate since years doctors around the globe.

My techniques fit in our holistic approach and are designed to avoid large operations of the spine such as total disc prosthesis or fusion.

I am offering those techniques:


Hip and knee surgery:

Latest design total hip and total knee arthroplasty in combination with biological therapies.

We use regularly biological additives (cells, hydrogels etc.) in our surgical procedures to reduce infection, bleeding and pain. Furthermore those biological techniques offer a higher chance of success.

Furthermore my techniques and the use of individual additive biological therapy allows mostly an out – patient treatment or maximum overnight treatment (exemption endoprosthesis, regular stay 2-5 days).

The pre- and postoperative screening and conservative treatment is also performed at our institutions offering the complete treatment range (physiotherapy, manual medicine, physical therapy, osteopathy etc. as well as podology and gait analysis) thus avoiding surgery as a primary target or securing the surgical outcome.

We furthermore work together and are board members of several world – leading societies and treatment centers to continually update our therapeutical range.

As a humanitarian aspect, we have founded a third world aid organisation focusing on spine care: Spine – Alliance, which offers surgical treatment and education in the third world.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me: